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Ted Roche & Associates, LLC specializes in the development of data-centric software applications on Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms using a variety of tools: Apache, IIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Python, PHP, Visual FoxPro, Visual SourceSafe and Subversion. The LAMP platform offers complementary services to applications running on Windows desktops: inexpensive, scalable services for LAN, in-house intranet and external internet applications. Stay tuned as we expand and refine our offerings on this exciting new platform.

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The upcoming season is great time to get started on new projects. Ted Roche & Associates, LLC offers software development, consulting, training and mentoring on Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server / MSDE, and Visual SourceSafe. If you are interested in tapping our services for big projects or brief consultations, contact us soon.

to be continued...