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What We Do

Ted Roche & Associates, LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in software development of data-centric applications deployed in web and network environments. Our company is staffed by skilled consultants with many years of experience in software development, analysis, design, training and mentoring.

Software Development: relational database development is our specialty. Primarily using the Visual FoxPro language, we have delivered stand-alone, client-server, LAN and Web-based systems for firms ranging from one person to Fortune 100 clients. Front ends in DOS, Windows, HTML and XML, middle-tiers in COM, MTS and ISAPI, back end data in FoxPro DBFs, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases. Call us for your heavy-duty development needs.

Analysis and Design: Development chops don't count for much if you are building the wrong project. We've many years of experience consulting with clients and end-users to design the right system to solve the problem. Dependent on the needs of the project, analysis and design can be as formal as CRC cards, project plans and ERDs and as informal as the back of a napkin. Call us to help you plan your next project.

Training and Mentoring: Strong teaching credentials in professional and academic environments make us ideal instructors for formal training or more informal mentoring to bring programmers up to speed. Mentoring can be an intense, ons-ite engagement or more leisurely on-demand arrangement. Call us to discuss the details.