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Who We Are

Ted Roche & Associates, LLC is an independent consulting firm specializing in software development of data-centric applications deployed in web, desktop and mobile environments. We are skilled consultants with many years of experience in software development, analysis, design, training and mentoring.

Ted Roche is Technical Lead/Architect. Since 2004, he has been developing web sites in Ruby on Rails and PHP, backed up with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, running on Apache web servers on Linux, BSD or Unix operating systems. He's an regular at the Seacoast Web Developer Meetup, Python Special Interest Group and the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group. He is a Certified MySQL Developer (MySQL 5.x). In 2007, he was the technical editor for Whil Hentzen's "MySQL Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro "

Ted received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award nine times, and previously held designations as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. Ted wrote "Essential SourceSafe," a book on installation, configuration and maintenance of Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe. He is co-author of "Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro," published for versions 3, 6 and 7. He was a contributor to four other books on FoxPro and a contributing editor to "FoxPro Advisor" magazine, co-authoring their Q&A column for over 4 years. He has written over a dozen featured articles in FoxPro Advisor and the FoxTalk technical journal.

Laura White is Programming and Support Lead. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional with many years of experience with Visual FoxPro products.